Holy Virgin Mary icons --- The Filermo Virgin

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The Filermo Virgin  
The Filermo Virgin (Filerme / Philerme / Phileremos / Philermos / Philermo / Filermo / Filerimo)
H Παναγία της Φιλερήμου (gr.)
• Traditional greek icon
• Egg tempera on wood pannel, gold-leaf gilding
30 x 40 cm
Ref. 110

Phileremos is a mountain in Rhodos island, Greece. A church was built there to shelter an icon brought to Rhodos from Jerusalem around the year 1000. According to Tradition, this icon, the Virgin of Phileremos, was painted by Evangelist Lucas himself. Its fame as a miraculous icon was spread all over the Mediterranean world. But the high level of interest for this icon was due to the common belief that the face painted on it resembled very much the face of the Blessed Virgin during Her life on earth.

This ancient icon is now lost, by a copy was made in the 16th century, which served as a model for the icon here presented.

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