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Maria Lavie iconographer


Maria Lavie is an orthodox (Greek Church) painter and iconographer. She lives in Paris and in Patmos. She got her PhD at the Sorbonne University and did post doctoral research on the painting techniques of the old Masters.

Maria Lavie the iconographer*It is in Greece, in Patmos - the island where John the Evangelist, who had taken refuge there, wrote the Book of the Apocalypse - that she got her training as an icon-painter. There, she worked in the Monastery of the Annonciation, in the workshop of one of the most important contemporary iconographers, S. Olympias - disciple of the famous Master Fotis Kontoglou (1895-1965) -, now held by S. Cassiani. Maria, over the years, has kept going there to perfect her art.

The icons of Maria Lavie are painted according to traditional techniques, egg tempera on wood pannel, with gold leaf gilding, as it was done more than a thousand years ago.

The icons presented here were painted either in Patmos, in the Monastery of the Annonciation or in Paris, in Maria’s studio.


© Marie Lavie